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Cannabis Certification Centers has been serving Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Card patient community since the program began in 2011. We pride ourselves in customer service and have a Marijuana Card Renewal rate twice that of the state’s average. We truly care about our patients. We currently have 2 NMDs that do patient medical marijuana card certifications. Each doctor has their own private practice an is very knowledgeable in the use of medicinal marijuana. We assist our patients in all aspects of the process including requesting medical records, answering questions about the process and medication, as well as submitting application paperwork to the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS).

Located on the Phoenix-Scottsdale border, and close to 4 major freeways, we are a short drive from anywhere in the valley. We also conveniently offer appointments on Saturdays to help accommodate peoples work schedules. We can help to make the process of getting and renewing your AZ Medical Marijuana Card as convenient as possible and ensure great customer service year after year.  Many clinics have come and gone since the program started leaving many patients frustrated with the process. Every year new medical records are required or the clinic must have your previous records on file to meet the states criteria. Generally, if a patient renews their card by the anniversary of the previous year’s visit, their records still qualify and its an easier process. That’s why is best to go with a reputable clinic so there is never an issue. Any gap in having a valid card prevents the patient from acquiring medication and can leave them in an illegal possession situation if they still have any medical marijuana.

Our Fees:

current special: $130 or $125 cash for new Arizona Medical Marijuana Card patients.

The state of AZ charges $150 or $75 if on food stamps

Let us help keep you legal! Give us a call at 480-424-4772

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